slavesofhell: I get wet when I’m turned on and excited.  Not a…


I get wet when I’m turned on and excited.  Not a little wet, either- I’m talking sopping, dripping, disgustingly wet, the kind of wet that would completely soak my panties if I were allowed to wear panties.  The sad part is, I don’t get excited at all thinking of George Clooney and I making out or Taylor Kinney making love to me on the beach- the only way I get excited and wet is when I think about being humiliated, beaten, and tortured.  

For instance, just now, I was sitting and working, just a normal day.  Then, I started imagining myself naked, kneeling in front of my Master.  He grabs me by the hair and stares at me before holding out his hand for me to kiss with adoration before he slaps me, hard, across the face.  Then, he pushes me to the ground and orders me to lick his boots.  I start to cry (as I tend to do when I’m humiliated and turned on, sight) and lick his filthy boots while he tells me what a disgusting, worthless whore I am and how twisted I am.  He kicks my tits a little as I clean his boots with my tongue and with my tears…. and my little mid-day revelry is interrupted because I realize I’m soaking wet and the crotch of my jeans is damp.  

This isn’t a rare occasion.  I find myself dripping wet every day thinking of my Master abusing me, spitting in my face, forcing me to drink gallons of his piss, grinding his asshole against my tongue… SHIT!  I’m wet again!

This is very humiliating for me.  I can’t even tell you how demented in makes me feel to know that this is the stuff that does it for me.  I’ve seen videos of Master torturing me and cringed when I saw my cunt juices dripping down my leg.  I mean, he’s not kissing me tenderly or rubbing my clit, he’s burning me with a cigar, but I’m as excited as a woman can get as he draws screams out of me like a virtuoso strumming a violin.  Man, it sure did hurt being burned and knowing that the marks would be there forever and ever and there was nothing I could do about it because I’m property, a disgusting sub-human slave… WET AGAIN, PEOPLE!!!

Further proof that I’m demented, disgusting, twisted and sick, and that I’m right at home in HELL! as my Master’s filthy property.