slavesofhell: This called “Whip Kissed,” not because the…


This called “Whip Kissed,” not because the punishment Hole suffered was some sort of soft smooch. Just the opposite, she was bound in a cruel position, arms behind her and strung up, ankles and knees tied and then her head bound down to her legs. She was in pain before the first kiss of the whip. And this was not a “kiss to make it better,” nope, not at all. This was a kiss to make it worse, painful, punishing. With each whip kiss, the cunt lost her balance further torturing her arms and shoulders. She screamed a lot, and you can see by the welts on her lovely ass and legs, the suffering continued. This was after two days of agony, so she was already exhausted from cruel punishment. Don’t let the name fool you, to be “Whip Kissed” in HELL! is like getting French kissed by a dragon on meth.

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