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slavesofhell: You know what’s more torturous than any number of…


You know what’s more torturous than any number of clothespins pinching at my tits? The sad fact that I haven’t had an orgasm since October 14th. That’s 32 days.  I honestly forget what they feel like at this point.

Sir was torturing me with his cattle prod. I  was locked into a tiny metal cage, all squished up and unable to hide any part of my body from him as he shocked me, over and over again.  I was screaming and crying and finally begged him to stop. Then I said that if he stopped, I wouldn’t ask to have an orgasm for an entire month.  That made his ears perk up.

So technically, I should be done with my month of no cumming, but I asked him twice if he would rescind the deal since I made it under duress, and both times he added another week to it.  At this point I can’t ask to cum until November 28th, and knowing what a sadist Sir is, he’ll  say no.  By then it will have been FORTY SIX days without an orgasm and I’m going to be climbing the walls with my desperate need to cum.

This is the torture stuff they don’t talk about in “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  I’d rather be beaten all day every day than go another 32 days without an orgasm.

This picture makes me so happy. When I met BrutalMaster online, we scheduled my trip to come see him and I told him I was worried I wouldn’t be able to take the torture I knew he would dish out. I went out and met a friend of mine who is a Dom, and he tortured my tits with clothespins. It felt very intense to me at the time. How far I’ve come- now I’ve graduated to skewers 😉

Anyway, I sent the picture to BrutalMaster and he replied “oh yeah. You’re going to do just fine.” Three weeks later I was in his clutches, and I’ve never really left 🙂 I consider this my audition photo.